Entire Hearing Care can help keep your hearing loss a secret!
15/05/2018 - Hearing Aids
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Hears a little secret; Entire Hearing Care is now offering a product that is nearly invisible. Traditionally hearing devices have been clunky, large and ugly to look at. Entire Hearing Care is very proud to reveal that we can fit the smallest devices on the market. With options to sit the device inside the ear canal, or behind the ear, these devices are invisible in most ears. We know what you’re thinking – technology so small must cost an arm and a leg. Well there is good news for you; the prices of these devices are just as invisible as they are!

There are two dominant styles of smaller hearing devices on the market currently;

Seimens RIC held in hand

RIC – Receiver In Canal

This is an elegant, invisible and discreet behind-the-ear solution. The device itself sits behind your ear and given the size of the RIC devices on the market they are almost invisible. A very small transparent tube runs from the device in to the canal of the ear to deliver the sounds you are meant to be hearing. This style of device is also incredibly comfortable – we even had one client that forgot they were wearing them and went for a surf!

Seimens CIC held in hand

CIC – Completely In Canal

This solution is even less visible than RIC devices. The entire device sits far down the ear canal where – for most individuals – it cannot be seen at all, even when trying. This solution is very popular due to it’s inconspicuous nature. Manufacturers are also supporting features that have been in RIC’s for a while now, including hands-free streaming and Bluetooth functionality.

All enquiries resulting in a visit until the end of June have a chance to WIN a
Sennheiser RS 195 Headset
valued at $650!

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