Hearing aid care

A hearing aid is a major investment towards your improved quality of life. They are incredibly sophisticated devices that need to be able to exist in a very harsh environment (in or behind your ear). Proper cleaning and maintenance is essential to ensure the correct function and reliability of your hearing aid.

Follow these handy hints to keep your hearing aid in good condition:

  • Handle your instruments over a soft surface like a cloth so they aren’t damaged if you accidentally drop them.
  • Keep your hearing aids clean. Wipe them regualarly with a dry cloth or tissue.
  • Remove wax from the sound outlet as this can cause the hearing aid to malfunction. (Refer to your user manual for the correct procedure.)
  • Don’t get your hearing aids wet. Remove them before showering, bathing or swimming.
  • Never attempt to dry your hearing aid with a hair drier or microwave oven.
  • Hair spray, perfume, aftershave, hair oils and insect repellant may cause damage. Take care not to get these on your hearing aid.
  • Don’t expose your hearing aid to extreme heat. Don’t leave them in your car.
  • Use a Dry Kit to store your hearing aids overnight, these remove the moisture your hearing aid collects during the day. Ask one of our helpful staff about DRY Kits.

Common hearing aid problems and their solution

Problem Possible cause Solution
Whistling The hearing aid is not inserted correctly Re-insert the hearing aid or earmold
Wax has accumulated in the ear canal Have your ear canal examined by your doctor
BTE earmould tube split Have your hearing care professional replace the tube
Sound is very soft or hum is heard The hearing aid has been switched to the Tele-coil position Check the switch position and change to microphone
Volume control (if present)has been turned down Check volume control
No volume or volume too soft Hearing aid is switched off Check the switch position and switch on
Battery is flat Replace the battery
The sound outlet is blocked with wax Clean the sound outlet (refer to your user’s manual), if the problem persists see your hearing care professional
Blocked sound inlet See your hearing care professional, do not attempt to clean this yourself
Hearing aid switches on and off or has motorboat sounds Battery flat Replace the battery
Battery contacts dirty With a battery inserted, open and close the battery compartment several times

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