Our Services Provide Solutions
Entire Hearing Care is an organisation of allied health professionals providing an independent, professional hearing care service for the Greater Gold Coast and Northern Rivers areas. We specialise in providing affordable hearing solution for self-funded retirees as well as pensioners and DVA clients via the Office of Hearing Services program If you are eligible for our free services program, we will be able to supply a hearing device to you at no charge
You don't have to live with tinnitus

Tinnitus is the medical term for the sensation of hearing sound in your ears when no external sound is present. For most, Tinnitus is a subjective noise, meaning only the sufferer can hear it. Generally, Tinnitus is described as a “ringing in the ears.”

Entire Hearing Care aims to provide sound therapy treatment to treat serious cases of tinnitus. Sound therapy involves using a ‘masker’ – a hearing device that can greatly reduce or remove the ringing caused by tinnitus.

Our Services Provide Solutions

Entire Hearing Care aims to provide solutions wherever possible. Whether it’s a hearing loss, tinnitus, or a more complex problem, we are always happy to help. The business is family owned and operated, and not affiliated with any large manufacturer meaning that we can focus on helping you – instead of meeting quotas.

Proudly independent and caring, we promise to help the wider community and make sure that everybody has the ability to communicate. We believe our clients, and the significant others in their lives, deserve fair, honest, sincere and competent care that seeks to educate and provide them with all information related to their hearing healthcare. We work closely with medical centers and General Practitioners, ensuring your hearing health is part of your complete health assessment.

Our motto is “providing exceptional outcomes with affordable solutions.” Uniquely we can select a hearing aid solution tailored specifically to your needs and hearing loss, form a large range of hearing aid brands rather than limiting your choices to one or two as you’ll experience with the larger retail chains.