Unitron North Platform – A new direction in hearing technology
07/02/2015 - Hearing Aids
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Entire Hearing Care are proud to announce the arrival of Unitron’s North Platform hearing instruments. We carry the complete range of these exciting hearing devices, So what’s so special about the Unitron North Platform?

The new North platform is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in natural sound. A greater dynamic range, clean handling of signals and tightly integrated algorithms shape the sound quality in a way that’s totally unique to Unitron. Individually the key technologies are impressive. Together they deliver the most natural sound we’ve ever had. None of this would be possible without the North platform.

The new SoundNav automatic program is far more in tune with a patient’s life. It automatically and seamlessly identifies and classifies seven different environments, four of which are specifically focused on conversations.

Sound Conductor
Sound Conductor dynamically balances the appropriate features to deal with each unique listening scenario identified by SoundNav. It does this while simultaneously ensuring that the sound quality stays natural.

SpeechZone 2 automatically engages in extremely difficult background noise, using spatial binaural processing to provide 360° speech detection so patients can clearly hear talkers from any direction.

Patients automatically enjoy clearer conversations in the toughest listening situations. Enabled by binaural spatial processing, SpeechZone activates maximum directionality, really zoning in on speech when the hearing instruments determine that speech is coming from the front in a noisy environment. Patients don’t need to adjust their hearing instruments: SpeechZone is activated by default in the Automatic Program.

SmartFocus 2
The newest generation of clinically proven SmartFocus is always at work within the Automatic Program, optimizing the performance of directional microphones and multiple adaptive features in relation to each other. The latest updates add speech enhancement+ and level dependency to the noise reduction feature, making it noticeably easier to hear in challenging speech in noise situations, and making everyday noises less distracting.

Clinically proven SmartFocus is always at work within the Automatic Program, optimizing the performance of directional microphones and multiple adaptive features in relation to each other. The benefit goes beyond directional microphone performance by providing the optimal level of speech clarity or comfort in response to changing situations.

Automatic Program
High-resolution sensors in the Automatic Program continuously analyze listening environments and provide real-time information to the classifier, which custom blends the hearing instrument’s response for the optimal response in changing environments.

Automatic Adaptation Manager
Helps new wearers overcome resistance by gently and comfortably transitioning them from the amplification they want to the amplification they need for long-term optimal speech understanding.

Binaural Phone
Wirelessly streams audio signals from the cellular or landline phone ear to the other ear without a separate accessory, for clear, balanced phone conversations.

Pinna Effect
Available in both BTE and ITE hearing instruments, Pinna Effect recreates the natural acoustics of the ear’s pinna, providing a much more true-to-life directionality, particularly in the high frequencies.

Natural Sound Balance
Solves the challenge in open fittings that can occur when unnatural artifacts are produced as unamplified sounds enter the ear canal and combine with amplified sounds. Natural Sound Balance monitors these sounds and adaptively adjusts to preserve one clear, balanced signal

This industry first feature eliminates the discomfort caused by sudden impulse noises (without completely removing the sounds or making them unrecognizable) to preserve speech comfort and clarity.

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