At last there’s a way to compare hearing technology in real time
05/10/2017 - Hearing Aids
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Are you in the market for a hearing aid but are confused with all of the options and models that are available? You’re not alone, hearing technology is certainly entering a golden age but what features are really beneficial to your lifestyle? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to switch between several different hearing technologies and hear the difference for yourself?

To answer this need, Bernafon AG an innovative Swiss hearing aid manufacturer has developed the Beflex Trial System. BeFlex is an industry first, it’s the first trial solution that makes the direct comparison of multiple hearing aid performance categories tangible for clients. At the press of a button you can switch between a basic hearing instrument to an intermediate or advanced device and compare how well you can hear with each in various sound environments, enabling an informed decision on what technology you need.

Entire Hearing Care, a highly respected hearing care provider has been exclusively selected by Bernafon to trial the Beflex in the Gold Coast area. Bernafon are looking for feedback from local consumers on this innovative system, the information collected will assist Bernafon in future product development.

The Entire Hearing Care team have recently completed training on the new Beflex and are offering the product trials on the Gold Coast. Senior Audiologist Brenton Comerford says “we are very enthusiastic to provide these unique, very discreet trial hearing aids to Gold Coast consumers, especially if they get people excited about their hearing again”.

Click the image below to view the video.

Call Entire Hearing Care on 5575 8999 to secure your position in this trial before the end of April.

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