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27/03/2018 - Hearing Aids
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Introducing the Moxi™ All.

Recently we had the offer from manufacturer Unitron to be specially involved in fitting latest technology they offer – the Moxi™ All is an impressive blend of three features that you can’t live without once you have them. According to Tempus COSI field trial results – a study conducted by Unitron – 100% of patients want conversations to be easier. Unitron has accomplished their goal, with the newest Tempus platform helping patients to solve their biggest complaints around conversations. Tempus boasts high performance to conquer challenging listening environments, combined with the most realistic sound ever. No expense has been spared in the construction of this device – up to 50% more accurate, 36% faster than previous technologies in recognizing and locating speech, meaning 89% of patients hear better in conversations. Entire Hearing Care has made this technology available to consumers as we have been qualified in the fitting methodologies advised by Unitron. But what technologies make this hearing aid a must-have?

The Rechargeable Revolution Continues

With easy charging every night, patients enjoy conversations all day, every day. Simply remove the rechargeable from the charging base and put them on, with no fuss or buttons to fiddle with.
Increasingly we see dexterity to be an issue with hearing aid maintenance, but that won’t be an issue with the rechargeable revolution!

All the ratings. No streamer.

With traditional pairing technologies that allow you to connect to your phone or television, an additional accessory (called a ‘streamer) is required. Often these accessories take advantage of the Bluetooth capability in your phone to answer/make phone calls, control volume, or send feedback to your clinician. With the Moxi™ All, this cutting-edge feature is included! Enjoy the freedom of connecting to your phone with no accessories or additional charge, and to televisions with the simple-to-use TV Connector accessory.

Made for all phones, to be used hands-free

The Moxi™ All strives to connect to all phones – not just iPhones. Patients with smartphones that have a compatible ‘Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile’ (very commonplace among current and last generation smartphones) will be able to take calls through the hearing aid, without touching their phone. Using the in-build microphones, their voice is transmitted to the phone and heard crisply by the person that they are speaking to.

What is Tempus?

Unitron constructs their technology on top of a core software architecture – this iteration is named Tempus. The true power of a hearing aid does not necessarily lay in the hardware, the software is incredibly important in representing a clear and accurate sound, whilst being able to isolate unwanted noises. Tempus was a platform built to tackle the biggest problems that patients had with conversations. Using SoundCore™ technology, Unitron effectively groups for intelligent features that allow the hearing aid to understand the listening environment, make fluid adjustments on the go and understand localization from all directions. If you’d like to know more about Unitron’s technologies involved in SoundCore™, visit HERE.

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